Custom gifts

Custom gifts

We know that planning a wedding or event can take a lot of time and focus so we make sure that we do our very best to help you select the perfect wedding favours and produce them without hassle or worry. Here are just a few of the bottle styles we can offer:

Single heart 200ml

In order for us to provide an accurate quote for you, we need a few pieces of information:


·         Number of favours you require

·         Bottle style

·         The sauce type(s) you want in the bottle

·         Any engraving requirements

·         Your wedding or event date!


There are a few other pieces of information such as closure type (cork, screw top, wooden stopper etc) although these are sometimes pre-determined based on the bottle style. We can also offer a range of tamper evident seals such as heat shrink capsules and bottling wax.

The number of favours can affect the bottle price so try to be accurate or even overestimate a little. The bottle style also plays its part along with the engraving. One of the best ways to keep cost down is to use one of our sauce recipes and, with a range starting from mild & smoky through to extremely hot habanero sauce, we have seven great flavours that will work for you and your guest’s taste buds. Please explore our website to view our full product range.


Jim & Katy contacted us as Jim is a big chilli fan! Rather than hand out sugared almonds or something generic, Jim wanted to include part of his passion within the wedding favours.

After considering options, Jim and Katy opted for these 200ml ‘double heart’ glass bottles which we filled with two types of our own sauces then we cork sealed and finished with a bottling wax. By request, we produced 60 bottles using our very popular Smoke Potion: Magnum Opus sauce (hot, smoky with honey bourbon) and 60 bottles of our Purus sauce (Fresh cayenne & ghost pepper sauce).

The bottles were left plain for the happy couple to apply individual, personalise hang tags to. However, as we like to offer a little extra where we can, we engraved two bottles just for them!

All bottles were produced using our usual high standard of production and hygiene and, whilst you cannot see it, each bottle has a batch number and Best Before date on the base so not to interfere with the final look of the product.

To enquire, please use our online contact form:

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